Mikaela Caron

Mikaela Caron

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How to Make Vapor Fly, Deploying Vapor on Fly.io


Fly.io is another platform to deploy your Vapor app, for free! In this talk, attendees will learn how to deploy their Vapor app to Fly using the Dockerfile. Having a familiarity with Docker and Linux will be helpful, but isn’t required.

After this talk, attendees will understand Fly as a platform, and can have their Vapor app deployed onto Fly.io.

About the Speaker


iOS Engineer at Lickability


Mikaela Caron is an iOS Engineer at Lickability. She’s a self-taught developer, and transitioned into the tech industry from manufacturing. She creates content on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, sharing her knowledge about iOS development, daily life of a developer, and freelancing. She freelances part-time building iOS apps and her own indie apps. The first two apps she created were shared on her Instagram story, in her story highlights, showing how an app is built from sketch to published on the App Store. She is an organizer for iOSDevHappyHour and loves giving back to the community.