Matias Piipari

Matias Piipari

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How we Vapor-ised our Mac app


This talk will cover the pros, cons and gotchas of using existing codebases as a springboard for developing a new web service. We will discuss how you can take mature, battle-tested code from a macOS app and use it as the basis for a web service using the popular server-side Swift framework, Vapor.

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Senior Product Director for Collaborative Research Tools at Atypon Systems


Matias Piipari has spent the last decade building intuitive software tools for researchers and scientific publishing on the Mac, iOS and web, after graduating with a computational biology PhD in Cambridge. He has lead software teams, designed and built apps, and most recently spent the last two years turning one such popular app into the open source project, with a sprinkling of serverside Swift. Matias is also the co-founder at Lumoa Ltd.