Georg Tuparev

Georg Tuparev

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BrainObjects - new take on the 27 years old WebObjects/EOF framework


We will present ideas (and some initial architecture, design, and development) of a brand new open source Server-Side framework inspired by WebObjects/EOF, but written in Swift. EOF (Enterprise Object Framework) is data modelling and persistent layer that is a more powerful predecessor of CoreData.

The BrainObjects project on GitHub:

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Founder at Tuparev Technologies


Since Georg bought his first NeXTstation in 1991 he got hooked on any NeXT and later - Apple, technology. Early adopter of the revolutionary for its time Enterprise Objects Framework (EOF) and later WebObjects, he is the principle developer of dozens of server-side applications for health care, finance, banking, large knowledge repositories, and science and laboratory systems. Currently his company (Tuparev Technologies) is involved in one of the largest financial and banking systems in The Netherlands and is working on an extremely complex system for detecting and monitoring space debris (space junk), and an early satellite collision warning system for ESA and other space agencies.