Ellen Shapiro

Ellen Shapiro

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Generating Code and Other Mischief with Swift Package Manager Plugins


It’s the build tooling step everyone hates: “Now, add a new Run Script Build Phase.” The Swift and Xcode teams have worked to try to make things at least a little bit better for things which need to happen at build time by adding Build Tool Plugins and Command Plugins to Swift Package manager. In this talk, you’ll get a look at how to set these up to generate code and documentation, plus a look at some other silly things you can make it do.

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Native Mobile Developer at Gusto


Ellen Shapiro is a native mobile developer currently working at Gusto (the US payroll/HR one, not the UK food delivery one). She's built iOS and Android apps and SDKs for the last decade, including for SpotHero and Apollo GraphQL. She enjoys kayaking, music, laser woodworking, and complaining about the cold. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin with her wife and two cats.