Daniel Steinberg

Daniel Steinberg

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When to Make a Macro


Over the years you have developed a collection of techniques for reducing repetitive and boilerplate code for server side Swift. If you are using Swift 5.9 or above you should consider adding Swift Macros to your tool belt. This fast moving session introduces you to freestanding and attached macros with some examples from each type that shows you when you should use them and how.

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Author, Speaker and Trainer at Dim Sum Thinking


Daniel is the author of more than a dozen books including the best selling books The Curious Case of the Async Cafe, A SwiftUI Kickstart, A Swift Kickstart, A Bread Baking Kickstart, and Dear Elena.

Daniel presents iOS, SwiftUI, and Swift training and consults through his company Dim Sum Thinking.

He has written apps for the iPhone and the iPad since the SDKs first appeared and has written programs for the Mac all the way back to System 7. When he's not coding or talking about coding for the Mac, the iPhone, and the iPad he's probably cooking, baking bread, or hanging out with friends.

Information on his books and videos is available on the Editors Cut website. Details on his training, and speaking is on the Dim Sum Thinking website.