Answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Will all the content be in English?

Yes. All workshops, talks and material will be in English.

What is the difference between an Early Bird ticket and a non Early Bird ticket?

Nothing besides the price. We offer a small discount for early birds who buy a ticket first. Please be aware that the number of Early Bird tickets is very limited.

What is included in the price?

A conference ticket includes: talks from experts in the field, daily lunch, snacks, coffee breaks and goodie bags with some conference/tech swag. Please note that accommodation is not included in the price.

Can you recommend a hotel?

Have a look at the Location page for more information on the conference location and hotel options.

Can I refund my ticket or sell it to somebody else?

Tickets are non-refundable, but you are able to re-assign your ticket to somebody else using the link you received when buying your ticket.

How do I apply for a diversity ticket?

If you come from an under-represented or less privileged group and would like to apply for a diversity ticket, please send us an email with a few words about yourself and why you want to participate in the conference.

Do you have a Code of Conduct?

Yes we do! Our Code of Conduct can be found here.

What measures are you taking against COVID-19

We ask that everyone is respectful and aware of different levels of comfort with regards to COVID-19. To enter the UK you must be fully vaccinated and the theatre will have a dedicated space for those who feel more comfortable wearing masks. There will be hand sanitizer available throughout as well.

My question didn't get answered, what do I do?

Feel free to tweet us or send us an email.