Logan Wright

Logan Wright

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Swift Server Workgroup Update


The Swift Server Work Group (SSWG) goal is to create a robust, healthy ecosystem for server application development with Swift. Its current focus is to encourage the development of high quality, well maintained libraries and tools that the community can reliably lean on. In this talk, we will review the latest development since the SSWG was announced Sept 2018, describe the incubation process and how to get involved, and dive into the details of some of the active projects and proposals the community and teams are working on.

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Cofounder at Vapor


Logan began his career as an iOS Developer working on many categories of applications from navigation, to customized bluetooth communication, but was always a big supporter of OSS. Finding his way to the vapor project, he quickly joined and has been with that team ever since. Lately he's also pleased to be a member of the Server Side Work Group and continue to participate in OSS.