Kaitlin Mahar

Kaitlin Mahar

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Maintaining a Library in a Swiftly Moving Ecosystem


API evolution is tricky. You want to continually improve your library with new features and bug fixes, but at the same time, don't want to break your users' existing code. When your library is written in a language that moves as fast as Swift, the choices you need to make as a maintainer can be especially difficult. How do you decide when to drop support for an old language version? When can you begin incorporating exciting new features like the "some" keyword into your public API? In this talk, we will discuss best practices for API evolution, and how you can use Swift language features to gracefully change your library over time.

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Software Engineer at MongoDB


Kaitlin is a software engineer living in NYC. She works at MongoDB, where she leads development of the official MongoDB driver for Swift. Outside of work she enjoys doing crossword puzzles, playing with her cats, and trying all of the amazing food and drinks NYC has to offer.