Joe Smith

Joe Smith

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Fluently NoSQL: Creating FluentDynamoDB


Fluent is a framework for building integrations with SQL and NoSQL databases. Primarily, first-class support comes in the form of different SQL backends, like MySQL and SQLite. For cloud-native applications, there are many use cases where a fully-managed service like DynamoDB is a logical choice. This talk describes AWSSDKSwift an open-source, community-maintained framework for interacting with Amazon Web Services. The talk explains the semantics of DynamoDB and its API surface, Queries, and Transactions. Finally, the presentation explores keys parts of Fluent, in particular, the Database and Connection protocols, which build up the fluent-dynamodb library. Attendees will have a much better understanding of the core of Fluent, as well as how to approach adding support for a new datastore.

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Site Reliability Engineer at Slack


I'm a Site Reliability Engineer at Slack, where I build and run systems which improve Slack's uptime, performance, and efficiency. I'm very excited by the community efforts to improve Swift on the server and believe its mix of performance and language features are very exciting. In particular, I love using Swift to write libraries which power automation, which can also be used in mobile apps to inspect our service health while on iOS. Previously, I've been the Apache Mesos/Aurora SRE Tech Lead at Twitter and an Internal Technology Resident at Google.