Ivan Andriollo

Ivan Andriollo

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Full stack Swift development: how and why


Developing full stack apps using Swift has been possible for some time now, but is it something you should consider for your projects? This talk will dive into the the benefits of using Swift in the backend and client code and how it can speed up development, and increase the quality of your products. It will show how to create a backend tailored perfectly for the client and how in the initial phases of development we can share code across environments to iterate early on and have a great API from your first release.

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Mobile Practise Lead at Equal Experts Germany


Ivan has been working in the IT industry since 2004, as a full stack developer at first, but then specialised in mobile development and has worked on the iOS platform since its first release. After years of consulting in London, he joined Equal Experts over 2 years ago, and moved to Berlin late last year to help develop the mobile practise in Germany. He has helped several major brands deliver high profile products and was part of the team that delivered the first ever Kitura server in production while at NotOnTheHighStreet.com.