ServerSide.swift is solely run for the love of server-side Swift.


Tim Condon

Server-side Swift team lead @ raywenderlich.com


Martin Lasek

Vapor Tutorial Writer, Game Developer & Swift Developer


Steffen D. Sommer

Technical Director, Author & Conference speaker


Olivia Lippmanm

Event Coordinator

The Conference

ServerSide.swift is a framework-independent, server-side Swift conference, where we will learn and share on a number of different related topics. The conference is aimed at being a non-profit conference and solely run for the love of server-side Swift. This space is still new and we hope to be able to contribute to the growth of ServerSide.swift by facilitating a conference where people can meet and collaborate. We have all been following and taking part in the server-side Swift movement and after running meetups in Berlin and London, we believe that the community is ready for a conference dedicated to server-side Swift!

Getting in touch

For general questions and requests, please email info@serversideswift.info. For anything related to sponsoring the conference, please reach out to us at sponsors@serversideswift.info. If you're interested in speaking, please submit a talk through our CFP form here. You are also welcome to reach out to us through the social media channels at the bottom or using our individual Twitter handles.